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Focke-wulf 190 fighters

The last surviving polish fighter pilot from the Battle of Britain was invited onto a talk show. The host asks him to give an account of the day that led him to be awarded the D.F.C.

"Well,you see we were scrambled at 9am flying at 10,000 ft we saw the bombers heading for London. We attack them but then I notice that there was a squadron of these fokkers swooping down on us! So I climb and loop over the fokkers and shoot down the lead plane, then the next fokker, then the next until I had shot down all of the fokk....."

The host interrupts the veteran," I think I should explain that these fokkers that Pavel is talking about are in fact focke-wulf 190 fighters."

The old pole looks at the host and says "NO-NO!, THE FOKKERS WERE MESSERSCHMITTS!!"

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