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Who is your role model?

This is a mathematical way for you to find out/confirm who your role model in life is!

Do not cheat, do not scroll down until you have completed the test, you will not be surprised at the outcome!

Get ready, get your calculator out.
  1. Chose your favorite number between 1-9
  2. Multiply it by 3
  3. Add 3, and multiply by 3 again. (Dont be ashamed if you are reaching for your calculator now.....)
  4. You will now have a 2 or 3 digit number.
  5. Add the numbers together (i.e. if your number is 18, add 1+8)

Time to scroll down...

Look at the number you have to see who your role model is/should be:
  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Nelson Mandela
  3. Carl von Linné
  4. Helen Keller
  5. Eleneanor Roosevelt
  6. Mahatma Gandhi
  7. Mother Theresa
  8. Thomas Edison
  9. RekordRonny
  10. Margret Tatcher

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